Thermoelectric Modules and Assemblies for Your Application

When it comes to precision performance, temperature plays a critical factor in the physics of virtually every equation. Because temperature is such a fundamental component in every dynamic system, the ability to control temperature can be the powerful enabling solution for applications ranging from molecular diagnostics to electronics manufacturing.

Ferrotec offers a complete line of thermal management solutions that harness the power of temperature for our customers.

Thermoelectric Modules

Ferrotec produces an extensive range of thermoelectric modules (thermoelectric coolers, TECs or Peltier coolers). Sizes range from mini-modules with footprints of 4 mm x 4 mm to larger, high power modules with Imax levels as high as 36 amps. Ferrotec also offers multistage and custom thermoelectric modules in many shapes and sizes.

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Thermoelectric Assemblies

Ferrotec builds thermoelectric-based assemblies for select OEM customers. Leveraging our expertise in thermoelectric systems and cost-effective manufacturing, we help our customers identify integrated solutions that enable new products, improve system precision, and reduce costs.

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Power Generation

Ferrotec acquired the Telan line of power generation modules and systems from Teledyne Energy Systems in 2003. These stand-alone power generation systems use thermoelectrics to produce electrical energy from combustion of propane or natural gas. Ferrotec currently supports these products by providing spare parts for these systems.

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Thermoelectric Temperature Controllers

Every thermoelectric system needs a temperature controller to manage the system. Most off-the-shelf temperature control solutions are not ideally suited for controlling thermoelectric modules. With our expertise in thermal solutions, we often help guide our customers to temperature controllers that are specifically designed for the unique demands of controlling thermoelectric modules.

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Information about Ferrotec’s commitment to RoHS compliance.

Are you looking for basic thermoelectric technology information like how a peltier cooler works?

You can find this type of information in our thermoelectric technology section

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Do You Need More Information?

Ferrotec offers a variety of temperature control products, including thermoelectrics and thermoelectric assemblies for precise temperature control, plus chillers and an ambient cooler for temperature control and bulk heat removal applications. To place an order, contact your local Ferrotec thermal solutions representative.