Ferrotec’s High-Power Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler Modules

The Peltier coolers in Ferrotec’s High-Power Thermoelectric Module series are designed to maximize heat pumping capacity. These single-stage TECs enable increased cooling capacities and efficiencies in a standard thermoelectric cooler footprint. The high cooling density of these Peltier coolers enables high-performance heat exchangers in smaller, more efficient sizes.

Model NumberI MaxV MaxΔT MaxQc MaxBase WBase LTop WTop LHeight
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=221| 6.034.383.0108.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=110| 8.533.172.0153.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=111| 8.553.872.0248.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=112| 10.027.472.0148.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=114| 10.046.472.0252.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=115| 12.017.572.0114.039.739.739.739.73.45
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=116| 15.017.572.0142.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=118| 16.033.372.0289.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=232| 16.034.483.0288.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=245| 16.028.383.0237.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=119| 60.04.372.0139.

Technical Terms

The terms below are used in tables at THot=50°C:

I Max

Maximum input current in amperes at Qc=0 and ΔT Max


Maximum DC input voltage in volts at Qc=0 and IMax

ΔT Max

Maximum temperature differential in °C at Qc=0 and Imax


Maximum heat pumping capacity in watts at IMax and ΔT=0


Temperature of the TEC hot side during operation

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