For Remote Locations Where Power is Required But Solar Energy is Unreliable

Thermoelectric modules can be used to convert heat energy to electricity. Using a principle known as “the Seebeck Effect” a temperature differential between the two sides of a thermoelectric module, electricity can be generated.

Because this type of system depends upon a consistent temperature differential to provide electricity, the modules are often combined with a known heat source such as natural gas or propane for remote power generation or waste heat recovery. They are often used in remote locations where power is required but solar energy is unreliable or insufficient, such as offshore engineering, oil pipelines, remote telemetry and data collection.

For power generation and waste heat recovery applications, Ferrotec offers thermoelectric modules that have been optimized for efficient performance.

In addition to Ferrotec’s thermoelectric modules for power generation, Ferrotec acquired the Telan line of power generation modules and systems in 2003 and the company continues to supply replacement parts for these systems.


Telan Support

More information about support for Telan products can be found in our Telan Support Section

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