Add the Intelligence to Manage your Thermal Control Systems with Temperature Controllers for TEC Applications

Ferrotec leverages our expertise in thermal solutions to offer TEC temperature controllers for systems and applications that use Peltier coolers for precision temperature control. As a leading supplier of thermoelectric modules, we recognize our customers’ need for an easy-to-use solution for developing, building, and mass-producing thermal control systems for their TEC application.

If you’re looking for assistance with TEC temperature controllers for your thermoelectric system design, please contact your local Ferrotec thermoelectric sales representative.


FTCP1200-00 Programmable Bipolar Thermoelectric Temperature Controller

The FTCP1200-00 temperature controller is a programmable micro-controller-based device that can be incorporated into a thermoelectric assembly.

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Ferrotec offers a variety of temperature control products, including thermoelectrics and thermoelectric assemblies for precise temperature control, plus chillers and an ambient cooler for temperature control and bulk heat removal applications. To place an order, contact your local Ferrotec thermal solutions representative.