Teledyne Energy Systems

In 2003, Ferrotec acquired the thermoelectric power generation product line from Teledyne Energy Systems Inc. The product line consists of thermoelectric power generation modules and the Telan® series of power generation systems.

Ferrotec is supporting the installed Telan customer base with a complete range of consumables and spare parts.

Thermoelectric power generation systems convert the heat generated by burning natural gas or propane to electrical power using thermoelectric modules. They are used in remote locations where power is required but solar energy is unreliable or insufficient. Applications include offshore engineering, oil pipelines, remote telemetry and data collection.

Ferrotec has designed, manufactured and marketed thermoelectric modules and sub-systems for almost 15 years, and Ferrotec’s engineering team is currently applying its expertise to optimize the design of the Telan power generation modules and systems.

The product line acquired from Teledyne complements Ferrotec’s other thermoelectric product offerings. It offers Ferrotec an entry into the growing thermoelectric power generation market with an already established product line. Ferrotec’s well-established thermoelectric engineering expertise and manufacturing infrastructure will ensure successful new product development and the integration of the acquired technology into the established Ferrotec range.


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