Unique Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler Module Designs for Non-standard Applications

Ferrotec can manufacture Peltier coolers with unique design features like center holes and unusual shapes. These special design thermoelectric modules are often used in laser and diode cooling. While unique shapes typically require custom design, we also offer some existing designs that may fit some common applications. Standard substrates are lapped with +/-0.025mm tolerance.

Model NumberI MaxV MaxΔT MaxQc MaxBase WBase LTop WTop LHeightType
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=254| 1.23.380.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=246| 3.03.383.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=247| 3.03.383.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=248| 3.03.383.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=249| 4.03.383.06.815.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=250| 4.03.383.06.815.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=251| 4.03.383.06.818.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=107| 6.01.972.
/index.php?id=module_detail&mod_id=252| 6.017.883.056.039.739.739.739.73.55center-hole

Technical Terms

The terms below are used in tables at THot=50°C:

I Max

Maximum input current in amperes at Qc=0 and ΔT Max


Maximum DC input voltage in volts at Qc=0 and IMax

ΔT Max

Maximum temperature differential in °C at Qc=0 and Imax


Maximum heat pumping capacity in watts at IMax and ΔT=0


Temperature of the TEC hot side during operation

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