Why Use Thermoelectrics Instead of Traditional Refrigerant-Based Systems

While most traditional refrigeration systems use designs based on compressors and refrigerants, more and more applications are turning to thermoelectric cooling as an alternative to traditional refrigeration technology. While thermoelectric cooling isn’t viable for every refrigeration, thermoelectric modules can significantly outperform traditional refrigerant-based cooling systems in certain applications.

  • Solid state design
    • No moving parts
    • Integrated chip design
    • No hazardous gases
    • Silent operation
  • Compact and lightweight
    • Low profile
    • Sizes to match your component footprint
    • No bulky compressor units
    • Perfect for benchtop applications
  • High reliability
    • 100,000 hours + MTBF
  • Precise temperature stability
    • Tolerances of better than +/- 0.1°C
    • Accurate and reproducible ramp and dwell times
  • Cooling/heating mode options
    • Fully reversible with switch in polarity
    • Supports rapid temperature cycling
  • Dehumidification
    • Efficient condensation of atmospheric water vapor
  • Rapid response times
    • Instantaneous temperature change
    • Reduced power consumption
  • Low DC voltage designs
  • Localized Cooling
    • Spot cooling for components or medical applications
    • Perfect for temperature calibration in precision detection systems

Do You Need More Information?

We offer more thermal solutions than the standard thermoelectric modules listed here. If you have questions, don't see the size that you need, or to place an order, contact your local Ferrotec thermal solutions representative.