Thermoelectric Module Sealing Options

Ferrotec offers a variety of options for sealing thermoelectric modules. If your application operates in high humidity environments, contact your local Ferrotec sales rep for more information and to explore your options.

Epoxy Seal

Epoxy sealing is a product option offered by Ferrotec for protecting thermoelectric modules used in high humidity environments. Although RTV silicon sealing has been demonstrated to be an effective moisture barrier, our new epoxy sealant offers greater moisture resistance for those applications requiring the highest protection.

Ferrotec has carefully screened and tested many epoxy types to develop the most effective solution for thermoelectic modules. Brittleness is a common problem with some epoxies used to seal thermoelectric coolers and it can lead to separation from the substrate over time and cause loss of seal. Ferrotec’s epoxy sealant forms a strong bond with the substrate and remains flexible after curing, therefore avoiding this common problem.

Ferrotec epoxy sealant can be applied to nearly all module types. The impact of the epoxy on cooling performance is minimal. Please contact Ferrotec sales or a local Ferrotec sales representative to obtain more information about this product for your application.

Performance graph comparing materials used to seal peltier cooling modules

Extensive testing has demonstrated that our epoxy sealant outperforms standard RTV silicone sealant in terms of moisture protection. The graph above shows the weight gain in a typical thermoelectric module exposed to a high humidity environment (based on a very sensitive weight measurement). The weight gain with the RTV silicon sealant is relatively small, but is nearly negligible with the epoxy sealant. Ferrotec epoxy has also demonstrated very good resistance to humidity under aggressive thermal cycling testing. The electrical resistance of this epoxy is high, in the M-ohm range. The maximum recommended operated temperature for the epoxy sealant is 80°C.

Silicone Seal

Ferrotec offers an electronics-grade silicone as an option for perimter sealing thermoelectric modules. This RTV silicon seal is an effective barrier against condensation when operating thermoelectric coolers below the dew point. Continual moisture contact within an unsealed thermoelectric module can lead to performance degradation. The RTV silicone seal is flexible after setting and retains its elasticity over time, this property is particularly useful in rigorous, temperature cycling applications. Ferrotec RTV silicone seal is effective over a temperature range of -60°C to +200°C.


Do You Need More Information?

We offer more thermal solutions than the standard thermoelectric modules listed here. If you have questions, don't see the size that you need, or to place an order, contact your local Ferrotec thermal solutions representative.