Peltier Cooler Model 7000/127/085 B

Peltier cooler model 7000/127/085 B is a member of Ferrotec’s family of 70 Series modules. The 7000/127/085 B peltier cooler is a thermal cycling, 127-couple, 8.5-amp module. The 'B' code indicates that this standard TEC features a lapped type, plain ceramic surface.


7000/127/085 B — Mechanical Characteristics

Base W (mm) 39.7
Base L (mm) 39.7
Top W (mm) 39.7
Top L (mm) 39.7
Height (mm) 3.94

Performance Values

Values calculated at 50°C. I Max 8.5 ΔT Max 72.0
  V Max 17.5 Qc Max 72.0

Standard Performance Curves

Custom Options

Ferrotec can also customize a 70 Series Module for you based on the 7000/127/085 B.
Note: minimum quantity custom order limitations apply.

About Ferrotec’s 70 Series Module Family

The peltier coolers in Ferrotec's Thermal Cycling Thermoelectric Module series are specifically designed for temperature cycling applications. Thermal cycling exposes a peltier cooler to demanding physical stresses as the module shifts from heating to cooling, and this can significantly reduce the operational life of a standard TEC. Optimized for thermal cycling, intensive testing has shown that Ferrotec's 70-Series of thermal cycling TECs deliver significantly longer thermal cycling operational life. Typical applications that use these peltier coolers include instrumentation, chillers, PCR devices, thermal cyclers, and analyzers.

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7000/127/085 B — Performance Curves

Note: Curves shown are calculated on a 'per module' basis.

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