Peltier Cooler Model 9506/031/600 B

Peltier cooler model 9506/031/600 B is a member of Ferrotec’s family of High Power modules. The 9506/031/600 B peltier cooler is a high-power, 31-couple, 60.0-amp module. The 'B' code indicates that this standard TEC features a lapped type, plain ceramic surface.


9506/031/600 B — Mechanical Characteristics

Base W (mm) 55.0
Base L (mm) 55.0
Top W (mm) 55.0
Top L (mm) 55.0
Height (mm) 4.85

Performance Values

Values calculated at 50°C. I Max 60.0 ΔT Max 72.0
  V Max 4.3 Qc Max 139.0

Standard Performance Curves

Custom Options

Ferrotec can also customize a High Power Module for you based on the 9506/031/600 B.
Note: minimum quantity custom order limitations apply.

About Ferrotec’s High Power Module Family

The peltier coolers in Ferrotec's High-Power Thermoelectric Module series are designed to maximize heat pumping capacity. These single-stage TECs enable increased cooling capacities and efficiencies in a standard thermoelectric cooler footprint. The high cooling density of these peltier coolers enables high-performance heat exchangers in smaller, more efficient sizes.

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9506/031/600 B — Performance Curves

Note: Curves shown are calculated on a 'per module' basis.

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